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Who are you? What is your dream?

As a coach, I can support you in finding these answers within yourself and get the tools needed to follow those dreams.


As an artist, I can help you create beautiful and unique objects. Through this process, you can create objects that show your authenticity and give you the freedom to play with art making and in the end play life.


My wish is for us to allow ourselves to get messy, to take action even if it’s not perfect,  even if we can’t control the results. When we do this our own unique voice becomes visible and we start enjoying life and art more.


This workshop is an introduction to the fascinating world of resin and acrylic colors.

A complete workshop for beginners to learn the basics of resin art. The workshops are practical and you will be literally getting your hands coloured and dirty!

You will work with acrylic colors and resin to discover their features and secrets. 

You will attend 3 sessions of two hours each and in the end you will have a big resin art piece as well as 6 small special resin pieces which will represent your be free and experiment first trials :).

After a week or two from the ending of the sessions you can come pick the final pieces from the studio.

Available on request here

@Marina’s Creative Studio in Bucharest

600ron for the 3 sessions workshop

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What's next starts now!

Mindsets are playing a crucial role in how we see the world and what actions we take or do not take.

With coaching you can learn to use your curiosity and creativity to discover your dream, and the growth opportunities and have the courage to take social actions towards your dream.

I know many of us are missing confidence and we fear being vulnerable, thus not so perfect. 

There are 3 levels of confidence and I can guide you to reach them:

1. When you feel that you can be yourself and it will work out.

2. When you feel good about being yourself.

3. When you feel awesome and you just are.

This program includes 12 coaching sessions of one hour each following the CoachVille ICF certificated methods.

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Available on request, following a 30’ exploratory session in which we clarify your dream as well as how coachable it is. You can apply here for a complimentary exploratory session

@online or live as agreed by both of us

250ron/session, full programme paid in 2 instalments 2500ron

medical doctor

The coaching sessions with Marina were exactly what I needed to start working on my dream. I discovered a lot about myself and what was holding me back and, step by step, I started to give up on my resistances and be in tune withmy true desires. Marina was by my side during this process,  guiding me to the path of my heart and we finally managed to materialize the Nutrition community that I wanted. Whoever has not worked with a coach in his/her  life should really  try it out! I warmly recommend Marina, a person very well trained in what she does and who remains in your heart!
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