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The magical number 7 plus minus 2


The title is related to a study made by George A. Miller, which analyses the limits of the human short time memory, the fact that it can process only a limited amount of units at the same time, 7 plus or minus 2. This limit is in contrast with the overload of visual information available in the contemporary society. Thus the viewer challenges his own memory when in front of the collage of works which consists of 9 elements, the maximum our brain can remember at any given time. Each work contains different visual stimulus and strives for the viewer's attention.

As a technique, these works find themselves between the borders of painting and collage, utilizing resin as a means to create layers and volumes. The casting process allows each work to develop into itself by blending the elements contained and having in the same time the 2d effect of a painting and 3d effect of an object.

Marina Aristotel, artist
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