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For the ”Hide and seek” project the artist continues her research regarding the way the images are being recorded and reproduced, using our memory functions.


The interpretation of the works is ambivalent since the elements entagled in resin create a sensation of imponderability, of movement while simultaneously they are captive within their frame and thus creating this stark contrast to the viewer. The accent in the compositions is put on modul, surface, tone and proportion. During the creative process we see a systematic repetion of the same mold while each work maintains its individuality.

In the works we will find inserted pieces of printed materials. These contribute to the internal labyrinth of the works and their chromatics and composition is influenced by the magazine which served as the inspiration for the cut-outs. Furthermore, by using monthly publication magazines, the artist breathes new longevity in these articles. Thus, instead of the former being disposed once their current month of publication passes by, now the same articles are being immortalized while serving a different role than their initiall one.

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